The Grimsay Boatshed

The Grimsay Boatshed, 2008
Passing on the Tradition
Boatbuilding at the Training
Centre, 2007
Exhibition in the Stewart Boatshed at Kenary, 2010

The Grimsay Boatshed was established in 2001 to ensure the survival of the vernacular boatbuilding style developed by generations of the Stewart family since the 1850s. At one time, there were three Stewart sheds at Kenary on Grimsay; they built as many as 1000 boats over the years for local lobster fishermen and crofters.  Today, the Boatshed maintains the Grimsay fleet of larger creel boats and traditional Stewart ones from a modern shed handling boats up to 12m and 20 tonnes, with a full-time Boatbuilder/Craftsman and trainee Boatbuilder.

The Boatshed has been involved in training since 2002, passing on traditional boatbuilding skills to young people in the Uists. Projects include the restoration of the historic vessel Morning Star, development of the secondary-level course ‘Traditional Boatbuilding Skills’, and documentation of the Grimsay boats to create the Grimsay Boat ArchiveNever Broken in a Sea is an illustrated book on the history of the Grimsay workboats.

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